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A Tribute to Donna Wadsworth

Pictured with her beloved "Sunny"

Donna Wadsworths's untimely death shocked us all. On Sunday, January 3rd, she was on her way to a cat show in Chehalis, WA, when she unexpectedly encountered icy patches of road. Her car rolled and she was killed instantly. When she did not arrive at the show to pick up her cat and her friend, all who knew her immediately knew there was something terribly wrong. Donna loved her cats and showing them, visiting with her friends - exhibitors and judges alike. The show halls will never be the same - her laughter and smiles will no longer grace our lives so effortlessly - and showing cats will never be the same for many people.

Donna's partner in cats, Gloria Busselman, has bred and judged Shih Tzu's for 30 years, and that is how she and Donna originally met. So it is quite ironic, that when Gloria decided to go into Persian cats several years ago, she ran into her old friend, Donna Wadsworth, who had also gone into Persian cats and was showing alters.  It was as though time had never come between them and they soon merged catteries. Donna's previous name was Don Wai - Gloria's was Parti Toi - together they merged as Parti Wai and have produced and shown countless grands among them and currently have some of the nicest bicolors in the country.

Donna has shown some of the most beautiful Persians in absolutely impeccable condition, above she is pictured with GC GP RW Earlywinters Morning Sun of Don Wai(call name is "Sunny") who is currently the 2nd Best Premier in the National Standings.  Her dear friend, Sheila Kirkwood, used to argue with Donna over who would get to put him in the ring. It was quite a riot to watch these two ladies try to beat each other to first call so they would be the ones to get Sunny groomed and in the ring. It is no surprise that Sunny now lives with Sheila, and  all agree that is what Donna would have wanted.  After news of Donna's death hit, it was decided among her friends that Sunny also would be retired from showing. Everyone felt that no one could show Sunny as well as Donna, so he now lives happily with Sheila, and she has a little bit of Donna through Sunny.

Gloria has lost her partner and her best friend. Her words the day after Donna's death were: "I feel as though the rug has been pulled out from under me and my best friend along with it."  Parti Wai Persians has now lost its "Wai." Gloria and Donna discussed every aspect of their cattery business; who would be shown and when, who would be bred to whom, who would be sold, who would be bought, who would live with whom, what shampoos were to be used on what cat, etc. Gloria and Donna never had a disagreement, never said a cross word to eachother, held only the utmost respect for eachother during all their 20+ years of friendship. It was amazing to watch these two together - they taught us all about friendships that last a lifetime and successful business partnerships.  It was absolutely heartwarming to see them working so closely together and having so much fun at the same time.

Many people have commented that Donna was the sweetest, caring person they knew.  Many said that she had a "heart of gold." There is a big void in many lives, a dark emptiness now that Donna has passed away. God in heaven is rejoicing for their wonderful blessing of her, but here on earth we are left with the pain.

As Gloria said,
"Life will go on, but my heart will never be the same."

This page is dedicated to Donna and Family and all her loyal Friends
written by  S. Pincheira